artist books

For Elton, Bernie, and Jay.
vinyl record, card stock, coptic binding

inside view

Leaving Orange cover

Leaving Orange, tunnel book open

Measuring Up,
non-adhesive binding with measuring tape

Measuring Up, inside collaged pages

Show the Way, closed

Show the Way, open to covers

Show the Way, map pages

Time Traveler’s Coat


Time Traveler’s Coat, detail


Time Travels

Time Travels

Trash or Treasure, cover

Trash or Treasure, open

Time Travels detail

Transverse Universe , slipcase

Transverse Universe, open

Transverse Universe, reverse

Shoes I Knew ( four shoe haiku)

Shoes I Knew,open

Shoes I Knew, back

Time Traveler’s Cuff

Table Scraps mini book

Table Scraps, open

phancy, 2015.

Altered book sculpture

nightwatch, 2014. Accordian structure with double pages, watercolor images, fabric, fiberfill.

nightwatch, 2014.

Le Creuset, 2015.
acrylic paint, hand lettered. 1 page folded structure.

Le Creuset, 2015 (open)

Le Creuset, 2015 (open)

diffusion, 2015. acrylic paint, accordian structure with popouts.

dream burger, 2012
fabric, embroidery, vintage type.

dream burger, 2012 (open)

Castle Street, 2013.
tunnel book, pen, watercolor, wire.

Castle Street, 2013.

Sneek, 2012.
tunnel book, pen, acrylic paint.

Marimekko shirts, 2011.
double accordian structure, fabric, pen, acrylic paint, hand lettered.

Marimekko shirts, 2011 (open)